About Work Tracker

Work Tracker is an application used to track new and developing projects and tasks. It is designed for engineering departments which have to perform many small and medium sized maintenance, project and software upgrade tasks from day to day.


Key Productivity Functions

The main view provides a list of tasks and projects sorted both chronologically and with regard to importance. As new log entries are added the task status and importance is simultaneously updated. Active tasks remain at the top of the view until actioned.


Work Tracker includes an inventory database, and any task log entry can include a link to an inventory item. This link remains in all future task log entries until removed or replaced. So for example, a long equipment failure investigation that leads to replacement is easily tracked, without having to manage a long and confusing email chain.


Keep up to date

Scheduled and update triggered emails can be sent. Built in Crystal Vision based reports provide quick and portable management reporting.


Easy Access

Work Trackeris accessed by an Internet Browser and can be hosted internally or by a web hosting provider. Based on Microsoft SQL server 2005 and .NET V2, deployment is easy even within corporate environments. Tested with Microsoft IE8 and Firefox3.6. Designed to run quickly with minimum client processing of java and graphics required.


Log Entry

The main view shows the list of recent project headers. This list is ordered by priority and date. More complex projects can have resources and time allocations tracked.

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Update Task

For users, entering task details is fast. Simply click on the project and click the add new entry button. The status can be updated, or by default remains as before.

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Inventory Database

Add important items to the inventory database and these can be linked into task log entries. Use user fields to record important notes and dates.

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Software Upgrades

Enter software versions and record software upgrades, optionally link to inventory and project tracking.



Built in reports can be saved as PDF or other popular formats, and downloaded to the userís computer.

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Work Tracker is a product of

Dave Edwards Biz Limited

London W9, UK



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