Dave Edwards
             Broadcast Engineer
Work Tracker Application
Professional Experience
Work Tracker, the maintenace and project tracking application.

Designed for busy engineering and maintenance departments, this logging system records both chronologicaly and with regard to importance.
Ongoing issues remain at the head of the list along with your last handover report, and remains there until actioned.

Add key inventory items to the Work Tracker database and those items can be easily linked to in any log entry.
Reporting provides quick and portable management reporting in a variety of formats including PDF.

ACP Control Panel, the simple control panel for Windows.

A simple application for manual control of modular card settings using ACP control protocol, by default over port 2071.
Configuration is by a simple XML file that defines the button attributes. Each button can have text legend, size and font size set, along with the card and setting to be selected by the ACP protocol. The application sends the command over the network to the chassis directly without requiring a central server.
The buttons can be grouped within a panelled area, and grouped together for radio button style selection indication.

The application is compatible with all recent Windows versions including XP and Windows 7.

Automation universal interface

Providing realtime triggers based on automation schedules. Interfaces presently available include XML start, stop and ID triggers for driving non-broadcast systems, like internet streaming.
Where development of broadcast compatible interfaces is not economical, or desirable for security. Reading latest schedules from text files the universal interface provides the means for real time operation into IT based systems.